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Low stress: ultrasonic milling is a kind of pulse cutting from the micro point of view. The effective cutting time of the tool is very short, and the residual stress on the surface of the workpiece is greatly reduced.

High surface integrity: the heat generated by intermittent cutting is greatly reduced, and it is not easy to produce chip nodules. The lattice structure of the machined surface of the workpiece is kept intact, which can obtain high surface integrity.


Handheld Ultrasonic (Wind /Electric) Drill Processing System

Hand held ultrasonic (electric / pneumatic) drill has the advantages of high precision, high speed, no carbon brush, maintenance free, uninterrupted operation and so on. It can match the speed arbitrarily according to the demand.

Ultrasonic (electric / pneumatic) drilling can achieve high-quality drilling for hard, viscous materials and difficult to process composite laminated materials. It is mainly used for processing aviation composite laminated materials, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, superalloy, etc.

Hand held ultrasonic electric drill and hand-held ultrasonic pneumatic drill can be customized, and the tool clamping diameter can be specified, such as ER11 or ER16 / ER20 / ER25.



Plastic deformation technology is used on the surface of metal materials to refine the surface grains to microns, form nano layers, greatly improve the surface strength, fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance of metal workpieces, and prolong the service life of processed parts. It has low elastic pressure and friction, and can obtain high surface roughness, surface hardness, surface wear resistance, corrosion resistance and fatigue strength.


Hard and brittle materials

Common processing problems: edge collapse, microcrack, poor surface quality, large tool wear, difficult to guarantee size, high scrap rate and low efficiency. Advantages of ultrasonic machining: it solves the surface quality problems of hard and brittle materials, saves cutting tools, has good accuracy, reduces the processing difficulty of the next process, and has high yield and efficiency.


Composite Material

Composites have excellent material properties such as high strength ratio, good dimensional stability, low coefficient of thermal expansion, good thermal conductivity, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. They have important application value in the fields of national defense industry such as aerospace and modern industrial production such as automotive electronics. At the same time, composite material is also a kind of difficult to process material, which is mainly manifested in the following aspects: serious tool wear, easy wire drawing and tearing during processing, and many defects on the machined surface. Therefore, our company has conducted in-depth research on composite material processing technology. Now, we have done many years of research and verification on composite materials, and summarized a complete set of ultrasonic composite material processing data, including our understanding of ultrasonic equipment structure The ultrasonic amplitude, frequency, rotating speed, feed speed, different tool models and matching performance have made a lot of data, and a set of complete process flow has been formulated for different materials. The surface quality problem of composite materials in machining is solved and the machining process requirements of parts are met.


Hard Viscous Material

Common processing problems: large burr, chip accumulation, poor surface quality, large tool loss, difficult to ensure accuracy, high scrap rate and low efficiency. Advantages of ultrasonic machining: it solves the problem of surface quality, saves cutting tools, easy to ensure accuracy, reduces the processing difficulty of subsequent processes, and has high yield and efficiency.

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